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What is a High Risk Pregnancy?
A high -risk pregnancy is one in which the health of the mother and / or unborn baby is at risk. Women with a high - risk pregnancy are monitored more closely during pregnancy and may need to take special precautions, or undergo specific test or procedures in order to assure the best possible outcome.

High Risk Obstetric Services

Women's Services has a long, rich history helping women during an uncertain time in their pregnancy. We are one of six Perinatal Regions in Georgia and the only hospital in Central Georgia to take care of women with high risk pregnancies. Our staff focuses on the medical, social, and educational needs of patients and their families.

Should mom require inpatient care, The Family Birth Center houses 12-bed private Perinatal rooms that provide inpatient monitoring, and antenatal testing in one location. All of our rooms provide the same amenities as the Labor and Delivery rooms. The staff of the Perinatal Center works closely with The Family Birth Center to ensure the best possible outcome for mom and their unborn babies.

The High-Risk Perinatal Unit is devoted to providing excellent care of the mother who needs to be admitted prior to delivery. Using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, specially trained nurses bring peace of mind to patients. Our highly trained Perinatologist (high risk obstetrician) and neonatologists work together to ensure the healthiest outcomes possible.

Perinatal Center
The Perinatal Center staffs a Board Certified Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and guides the care of women during their pregnancy. Technologically advanced perinatal testing and high-risk obstetric care is provided by the team at The Perinatal Center in Macon which includes sonographers and registered nurses.

Champa Woodham, MD

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